‚ÄčI am writing a review for 20 apps on the iPod touch.

#1 Civil War - It's a game that teaches you about the civil war while having fun. It's kindof like hidden pictures. They will give you some things to find and you have to find them. If they ask you to find a letter and you find it you read it to find out some information on the place your looking. Some of the places that you look are, The battle of Bull Run, and Monitor and Merrimack! There are many more. Before you can start looking you have to read a little prologue about what happened there at the battle sight. I think this game should be for 4th grade and and up because they have to completely understand the Civil war.

#2 Word Search - It is a very fun game in my opinion. All you do it try and find words that are on a list on the side of the screen. You are timed, and try to beat the time on the high score table. I think this game can be for all ages that know their letters, because they can look at the letters in the word.

#3 Scrabble - It's a fun game that you have to spell words to put on the board. It gets kind of borring after a while. It's fun for the first 5 minutes. It gives you some pretty hard letters that are hard to make words out of. #2 and #3 are considered educational to me because you learn about spelling and reading.

#4 Gold Rush - It's a game that is uneducational, it's just a game that people play for fun. What you do is you go down undergroud and tap enywhere to go there and you look for gold. In one round you have to look for people who have been burried in the ground. It sounds pretty booring but it takes a while to get borring! If you find enough gold you get a lot of money that you can buy bombs to blow up tunnels (That helps you find more gold). I think this game should be for 2nd grade and up because if you were any younger you wouldn't be able to understand the game.

#5 Tappy Tunes - It's like a CD that has all kinds of music on them. On tappy tunes you can play the song but, then you can tap your finger to the rythem of the music and it will play the notes for you. They have tons of different cattagories. This app can be for all ages because they have kid music (like abc's) and middle aged to adult music (like classical.)

#6 Marble Manic - It is a game that you have a marble that you have to go on a bunch of ramps and through a bunch of obstickles that can knock your marble off of the ramp and into space. If you steer off or get knocked off then you have to start over at the beggining. You try to beat the high scores in the high score table. This game should be ranked for 4th grade and up because you have to be able to steer and use math to figure out mesurements of how to get around the obstacles and how much space you kneed, when you kneed to start and how fast you kneed to go. You kneed to know when to start because if you dont start at the right time then the moving obstacles will knock you off the course.

#7 Penguin2 light - It's a game that isn't really educational but it's a fun game that can be played when your bored. In the game you catapolt penguins. It doesn't sound very interesting but it is actually pretty amusing. You have to catapolt them just right or else you shoot them into a brick wall that squishes the penguin. In a level there are 2 rounds. I have just explained the first round, but here's the next. In the 2nd round their are icecapsuls that you have to break open with the penguins to knock out polarbears that look very mean. I think this game should be for 2nd graders and up because if they were any younger they probably wont get the consept of the game.

#8 Sodoku - This is a very educational game in math because all it is, is patterns and numbers. It is a popular game in most of the world and in my opinion it's a fun game that I can play for a couple of hours. In the game their are 9 boxes that you have to put the numbers 1 through 9 in. It's not that that easy. In order to put a number in a box their can't be more than one of the same numbers in that box, column, or row. Once all of the boxes have numbers in them the game is finished. Once you have put a number in a bix it will eather be green, or red. If it is green the number is correct, if it is red that means the number cannot go there. I started playing this game in 2nd grade so I think that would be an opropriate grade for the game.

#9 White board - This game to me is an uneducational game. All you do is use your finger and write anything you want. Most kids think it's a fun game because you can (chat) on it. That means you can write things to people. But, you can only write things to people if they are 1 in the same room, and 2 if they happen to be on White Board at the same time as you. The only way this could ever be educational is if you wrote a math problem and solved it. I think this game should be for Kindergarteners and up because all you have to do is put your finger on the screen to draw.

#10 Ball Toss - I think that this game can be considered educational and uneducational. Yes, because the game has persentages that you have to quess how much force to put againsed a fan to get a ball into a bucket. I think this game is very borring because you can memmorize where that decimal is and keep saying that you should apply that much force on the fan. This game should be for 4th grade and up because it would be helpful if they knew a little about decimals.

#11 Oregon Trail - This is a game that is about people in the 1800's. You travel on many paths trading and buying things so you can survive. You have to go fiishing and hunting for food. You have your own wagon that you have to keep in well maintenance to be able to travel. This game teaches you about the olden days and what you would have to do if we didn't have electricity or grocery stores. This game can be for 4th graders and up because you have to understand the full consept of what it was like back than and how to manage money. This game is very educational and fun to play at the same time.

#11 PAC-MAN - It's a game that isn't educational but it's a common game that can be played just for fun! The game has a little yellow circle type thing that you go around trying to remove little dots with out getting eaten by little monsters. The game gets a little borring after a while but over all it's an alright game. One thing that some people complain about are the controlls. If you use them sometimes you loose because they arent working. This game should be for 1st grade and up because they probably not be able to use the controlls and all of the other things.

#12 Metasquares -

#13 Peg Solver -

#14 Dog Sounds -This game is an unrealisic game. I say that because the dog sounds don't sound like a dog at all. It's uneducational and not that fun. This app is all about dog sounds. It has the sound of a dog growl and a couple of dog barks. I would say that it would be useful but it really isn't, for the same reasons... They are unrealistic. This app can be for all ages that know how to use the iPod touch.

#15 Pizza Fractions - This app is a math game that could be educational, but not really at all for the average 5th grader. The game has simple fraction equasions. Exp. 1/4 + 1/4 = ?. It could be used for when you are just starting fractions, but any other time, it would be way to easy.

#16 Twenty Four -

#17 FS5 Hockey - This game is Air Hockey. It's a fun game where you hit a puck across the board and try to get it into the other persons goal. It is a fun uneducational game that can get boring after a while. This app can be for ages 5 and up.

#18 inFact USA -

#19 iBone - This game can be educational, but to me it's not because on the iPod it sounds nothing like the Trombone.

#20 iMusicNotes - This game is educational because you have to guess the music notes of a staff.