January 14, 2010
Yesterday evening I went to a meeting. I went to the Tech Planning committee. Ms. White and I met my mom at the meeting. Ms. White gave me a notebook, to write words, or phrases, that I didn't know! In the meeting we talked about getting rid of textbooks, and replacing them with tech books, which are laptops. I was the only elementary student there. There was one senior at Albemarle High School, who was there too.

During our snow days:
Victoria, what do you think the value is in students having access to laptops and technology at home in place of textbooks, in light of the fact that we have now had 8 days off from school and very likely will not have time to make all these days up, especially before the SOLs? Mrs. Marcus

I think it would be a very wise thing to do. Teachers can give the kids an assignment to do, even if it is just telling them to look up
a definition, and they can do it online, or on a piece of paper. Also, it is teaching kids to use technology, and teaching them a faster way to get information.

February 23, 2010
Right now I'm in a meeting, and we are working on goals for APCS. We are changing the goals a lot! It makes a huge difference hearing other peoples opinions on the goals.