December 10 2009
What we did this morning was.... We had to build a tower that was at least 2 feet tall. using popsicle sticks and binder clips. That's it. It was really hard because we had a limited amount of time, a limited amount of supplies, and it had to stand by itself. You had one partner, mine was Addie. Our tower only ended up to be about 5 in. tall. It would have been taller but the top was too heavy, it would not stand up because of that reason. We started to build it up again but the time was up. When we were done we recorded on our iPods what we did and what our projects looked like. Then we listened to each others' recordings.
The next thing we were assigned to do was figure out how to send the recording from the iPod to Mrs. White's wiki account. The iPods in the activity can be helpful so you can hear what your partner thought what happened if your tower fell down, or what they think happened to make it fall down. On the other hand it wasn't that useful because you could just talk to your partner instead. On thing that didn't really work well in our group was talking. We both would rather work independently so there wasn't much communication between both of us. We did communicate a little at the beginning, but after that we were just working.